A 3-month guarantee is given on used parts in general.

The warranty does not cover gaskets, hoses, clutch, water pump and other similar wearing parts. Neither does damage to the engine/gear caused by any of these parts becoming defective.

Nothing on sold parts must be opened or disassembled, then any right of exchange will be forfeited.

Electronic parts are not exchanged. That is, electrical module (ECU), relay, switches, etc

Item value is refunded. Our liability is limited, regardless of the cause, to the sale value of the item.

Expenses for in/out assembly are not covered by us. The seller must be contacted before warranty work is initiated.

Shipping costs are not covered in the event of a complaint.


Complaints about damage caused during transport must be addressed to the carrier.

All complaints must be made in writing, and the receipt / invoice must be attached to the item.

Before a complaint is approved, the product must be presented for inspection by us. Shipping costs will not be reimbursed unless it is a case of incorrect shipping on our part.

Outside work is not covered by complaints, nor is consequential damage from our products.
The buyer undertakes to check that the goods really fit before assembly and use.

-Return of goods

All returns MUST be arranged via e-mail: info@wreckbike.no or via the contact form at www.wreckbike.no.

Shipping costs will not be reimbursed unless it is a case of incorrect shipping on our part.

Specially ordered parts will not be returned.

Returned parts must be clean and in their original packaging. A copy of the invoice must be included.

Electronic components are not accepted for return. The item(s) to be returned must be well packaged to avoid transport damage. Returned goods must NOT be sent for collection. Packages sent on collection will not be picked up.

All returns must reach us within 3 months from the receipt and invoice date.